Guinea Pig Care During Winter

Guinea Pig Care During Winter

Guinea Pig Care During Winter

Guest Speaker Blog by Racheal @ Guinea Pigs Gardens

This ‘wheek's' blog post is following on from our winter care guide and Racheal has written up her top tips for keeping your furtatoes toasty warm this winter:

☃️Guinea Pig Care During Winter⛄️

Guinea Pig’s generally live comfortably between 16 - 26 degrees. Now it’s getting cooler there are some things we can do to keep them warm & happy.

We can move outdoor hutches to a part of the yard where it doesn’t get too much wind. You can buy water bottle covers or hutch covers to help insulate their space.

In Summer we love to give our piggies cold veggies from the fridge. During Winter it might be nice to leave the veggies out of the fridge to remove the chill off them before feeding them to your guinea pigs.

You can also bring your guinea pigs indoors to keep them warmer as well a purchase some fleece tunnels, sacks or upside down cups. Your piggies will love snuggling up in these 🐹 Click here to shop our Fleece Accessories!

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