Keeping your Guinea Pigs warm this Winter

Keeping your Guinea Pigs warm this Winter

Keeping your Guinea Pigs warm this Winter

Temperatures are dropping and Winter is fast approaching, but here at GPA we have you sorted with everything you and your guinea pigs need to stay warm and cozy. 

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2 in 1 hut - why we love it! 

- Australian handmade 

- Cute guinea pig design 

- Converts from a hut to a bed 

- 2 layers of fleece with central foam 

- Free potty pad included

- Hand or machine washable 


HAYPIGS RANGE -Why we love it! 

-Fun circus theme 

-Crash mat is a large size and pee resistant - perfect for lap cuddles!

-Circus Hidey Hut comes with 2 interchangeable pee pads and is a warm, cozy and secure place to sleep and hide

-Machine washable products 



VET BED - Why we love it! 

- Super soft and comfy 

- Heaps of fun patterns to choose from and made to fit any cage size 

- Heat retention: This bedding is designed for temperature control and retention in mind. It allows the guinea pigs own body heat to create a comfortable place to sleep, rest and snuggle. In summer months the bedding also allows for a cool place to rest as the high density fibres allow adequate air flow throughout the mat. 

- Keeps your pets dry with a unique drainage and moisture wicking system which is woven in the under layer

-Machine washable 


FLEECE LINERS - Why we love them! 

- Australian handmade

- Lots of fun patterns to customise your guinea pigs home 

- Super absorbent to wick away moisture keeping your guinea pigs warm and dry

- Easy to clean and machine washable 



- Australian handmade 

- VARIETY- Lap pads, tunnels, hides, beds, fleece forests and more! 

- Super soft and snuggly with many different patterns and designs 


HAY - Why we love it! 

- Doubles as a bed and a food source 

- Fun to hide and burrow in, providing great enrichment 

- Nutritious and integral part of the diet 

- Good quality, soft hay reduces the chance of injury 


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