HayPigs!® 'Pig Top' Playhouse™ - Pack of 3


Roll up! Roll up! The greatest fur-filled extravaganza is in town! Come join the fun in our 'Pig Top' Playhouse™!

It’s no secret that guinea pigs have a fondness of tunnels, hidey holes and cardboard boxes. As pray animals, it is a guinea pigs’ prerogative to find a safe place where they can hide out, take a nap and get up to mischief!

When we had the opportunity to create a completely bespoke, piggy themed cardboard playhouse, we jumped at the chance (or popcorned should we say!). Our 'Pig Top' Playhouse™ features three and a half entrances (one is a window, but we’ve witnessed many a piggy chew their way out!) and comes flat-packed with simple assembly tabs (no tape required!).  

Once your piggies have had their fun, the playhouse is fully recyclable. Do bear in mind that pigs will be pigs - they will chew their playhouse, wee on it and occasionally throw it round – this is perfectly normal! That’s why we’ve made sure the box is 100% digestible and non-toxic (and we’ve given you a pack of 3!).

The 'Pig Top' Playhouse™ measures 33 x 33 x 40cm and comes in a pack of 3. Each doorway is at least 13 x 13cm.