Critter Crunchies - Wild Sweet Fennel

Type: Treats

Entice your treasured furry companion with Critter Crunchies Fennel flavour! Packed with invaluable inulin, these snacks help maintain consistent glucose levels & cultivate a balanced intestinal microbiome. Your pet will relish the unique flavour of these treats, ideal for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, mice & rats!

Fennel is a very well-known forage for small animals. It is high in vitamins such as Niacin and Iron and is an excellent source of dietary fibre for digestive health. 

Why we love them: 

  • Containing the valuable ingredient inulin, useful for controlling the blood sugar level and for maintaining it at a healthy level

  • The small, heart-shaped biscuits are especially suitable for feeding animals directly from your hand because of their size

  • No added sugar, preservatives and colouring

  • Cute heart shape


Spelt, oat bran, rice, fruit pomace, Fennel (5%), oat peel bran, lignocellulose, calcium carbonate, chicory powder (0.5% inulin).



Feeding Guidelines:

4-6 treats a day - depending on the size and weight of the animal.

What pet parents are saying about Critter Crunchies:

"Millie our lop loves these! She always frantically reaches for them when she can spot them and can't wait to dig in. I give them to her both in the morn & night as her daily reward!" 

"I like that these are nutritious snacks for our boys. My vet recommended them. I like to vary the flavours so they get to try something new every day!"